Slowly pour water out of a glass. Surface tension or liquid adhesion causes water to cling to the glass as it spills.


Leaf Off works the same way!

  1. Our multi rib panel slows and disperses the water as it nears the gutter.
  2. Like water running down the side of a glass, rainwater bonds to the surface of the panel, flowing down and around the curved nose into the gutter.
  3. The LEAF OFF curved nose forward design, with no vertical openings, allows water to enter the gutter…leaves, pine needles and seeds are directed to the ground.
  4. Our patented sturdy-clip securely locks LEAF OFF to the top of the gutter. Secure enough to withstand winds up to 90 MPH.
  5. A continuous 3/8″ open water channel will handle the heaviest downpours while keeping out birds, nests and debris.
  6. Dura-Life paint finish will not blister, peel or split. In addition, LEAF OFF guarantees it will not fade for 20 years.