How does LEAF OFF work?

LEAF OFF is a nose forward design that covers the gutters, keeping out leaves, pine needles, and debris. Rainwater flows down around the nose into the gutter. CLICK HERE to learn more.

How much rain can LEAF OFF handle?

LEAF OFF has been tested and can easily handle up to 22 inches of rain per hour. LEAF OFF is designed to consistently handle the heaviest rainfall regardless of the roof pitch or length of gutter runs.

How does it work with ice and snow?

LEAF OFF will support the heaviest loads of ice and snow. Our dealers have sold jobs in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Canada and Alaska. Ice and snow build up on top of our cover not in your gutters. The weight of ice and snow in your gutters is the leading cause of damage to your gutter system.

Why is LEAF OFF better then gutter screens?

Gutter screens and other products that have vertical covers, slots, or openings allow leaves and seeds and needles to clog the water channels. Rainwater may not be able to flow freely into gutters. Leaf Off’s nose forward design causes leaves and debris to move down the roof and fall over the extended nose to the ground below. Rainwater flows down around the nose forward gutter and into the gutter. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Will LEAF OFF void my roof warranty?

NO! Over the past 4 years millions of feet of LEAF OFF have been professionally installed. We are not aware of any claims against our dealers for roof problems or leaks. In addition, our installation method has been reviewed by the major roofing manufacturers. They have concluded our product does not compromise the integrity of their product.

What is the Warranty?

LEAF OFF is backed by a lifetime, transferable warranty. After installation, your dealer will provide you with a written copy and explain all the details. Your warranty will be registered and mailed to LEAF OFF corporate headquarters. Best yet, the LEAF OFF warranty is backed by Truss Gutter Products.

How much does LEAF OFF cost?

The installation cost of LEAF OFF may vary depending on the style and size of your home, pitch of the roof, and condition of your existing gutters. All LEAF OFF installations include a complete inspection, cleaning, and if necessary, repairs to your gutter system. An inspection by a certified LEAF OFF dealer is necessary to provide a fair installed estimate. Call your local dealer today for a FREE inspection and estimate.

Where can I buy LEAF OFF?

LEAF OFF is sold only through a network of nationwide dealers. Each one of our local dealers have many years of home improvement experience and has recived factory training in the sales and installation of LEAF OFF. For a dealer in your area please CLICK HERE.